Style, Style STYLE! Get tips on wardrobe & hair all designed with today’s modern being in mind. Get geared up for success with a look like no other!

The Hair Experiment

Trying different looks & styles with nothing more than a pair of clippers, some guards & a pair of t-liners. When you look good, you can tell…

More photos to come…

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No one should be caught undressing without the perfect second layer combo to set the standard for how you really feel underneath.  This section is primarily a peptalk to reinforce what you already know (i.e. clean your body everyday, change your socks/underwear/t-shirt everyday).

There are thirty days in almost every month, so, as a person looking to feel better about who you are (regardless of the reason), why not impress yourself?!  Change your underwear from boxer briefs to boxer draws, then, wear a pair of briefs just for kicks. Get thirty pair of socks, thirty tank tops, thirty pairs of underwear & never let a day go by without your undergarments being a conversation piece in itself. Good Talk🙌


Slacks, jeans, shorts or sweats, this is your all inclusive guide to the world of pantalones.

Pants Options Chart

Crease/No Crease
Crease Down The Middle
Flatten The Pants
Starch/No Starch
Heavy Starch
Light Starch


The button up, the polo, the hoodie & yes, even the tight ass tee will all have their day of reckoning. Cover up your top with these torso tumblers to seal the deal.  At this point, it is my sincerest intent to have developed a “fashion foundation” here on This blueprint can be altered to fit each & every one who has made the decision to seek a better self & explore this site. As time progresses you will come to see how you too, can go through your wardrobe & reinvent yourself at your own pace according to your own design.
Choosing the right shirt is just as simple as choosing the right wine, the options are so limited you are bound to get it right.

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Find your footwear factor with a simple analysis of the where, what & why you need to cover your feet. Bike, run or jog, you will always need a good shoe.  Boots, Jumpers, Slip Toe Classics or the dress shoe with the rubber sole for comfort, take your pick! Here are the solid stripes of the footwear game & how you can maximize your total look with the right pair of shoes.

Major In Minors

This is where sweating the small stuff pays off. Here is where you do your final check. Make sure you have combed over every little detail to solidify yourself as put together once & for all.  Put on the final touches & go.

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